exchange youR SNAP/EBT for BEE BUCKS to use at the New Britain Farmer's Market. 


1.  swipe your SNAP/EBT card AT THE NEW Britain Farmer's Market (every Wednesday, in Downtown Central Park) in exchange for Bee Bucks tokens. 

2. For every dollar spent in SNAP/EBT, receive a free MATCH token of equal value to double the amount you can spend on fresh fruits and vegetables!

3. Use Bee Bucks tokens like cash at any market vendor to make your purchase. Easy as 1,2,3!



+ What are BEE BUCKS?

BEE BUCKS are wooden tokens given in exchange for SNAP/EBT or Credit/Debit card payment , that are used like cash to purchase market produce & other food items.

+ Where do I get BEE BUCKS?

BEE BUCKS are purchased from the Market Information Booth at the New Britain Farmers’ Market in downtown Central Park, every Wednesday, 11am-2pm (July-October).

+ How does it work?

The attendant at the Market Information Booth will swipe your card for the amount you wish to spend at the market, and exchange it for BEE BUCKS tokens. These tokens can then be used to purchase food items from market vendors.

+ Why do I need to use tokens?

Since market vendors do not have card-reading machines, they rely on the BEE BUCKS tokens as payment from card holders. Tokens function like dollar coins, making it possible for card holders to shop with market vendors.

+ Should I buy my tokens before I start shopping?

Purchasing tokens first makes shopping at the market quick and simple. You can also check with vendors to determine how much you will likely spend before purchasing tokens for that amount. Tokens have no expiration date; unused tokens can be saved to use at a later market date.

+ What are MATCH tokens?

MATCH tokens are provided by New Britain ROOTS to match your SNAP/EBT spending, giving you more to shop with at the farmers’ market. For every dollar you spend using your SNAP/EBT card, you will receive one dollar in MATCH tokens. Example : Swipe $10 from your SNAP/EBT card balance at the Market Information Booth and you will receive $10 SNAP/EBT tokens AND $10 in MATCH tokens, for a total of $20 to spend at the market!

+ What is the purpose of the MATCH Incentive?

ROOTS provides MATCH tokens to SNAP/EBT customers so that our low income neighbors can spend less and get more in fresh, nutritious foods to feed their families. In doubling the amount customers can spend at the market, we also double the amount of produce that vendors can sell, which ensures that local farmers are sustained through market business and can continue to grow food for our community.

+ Is there a difference between how I can use my SNAP and MATCH tokens?

Yes . SNAP tokens can be used towards any eligible food items that may be sold at the market, such as: fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, jam, honey, and other value added goods. MATCH tokens may be used towards purchasing fruits and vegetables only.

+ How can I tell the difference between SNAP tokens and MATCH tokens?

SNAP tokens are printed in GREEN and indicate “SNAP/EBT” on the bottom of each coin. MATCH tokens are printed in ORANGE and indicate “MATCH” on the bottom of each coin. PLEASE NOTE There is no limit on the amount you can spend in SNAP dollars and receive in MATCH tokens. Credit customers are NO eligible to receive MATCH tokens. MATCH are for SNAP/EBT customers only.

To Learn more about Connecticut's SNAP/EBT Program or to apply, please visit or call (866) 974-7627

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It is ILLEGAL to exchange SNAP/EBT tokens for cash. Change cannot and will NOT be provided (in cash or token form) by the market information booth or any market vendors for SNAP/EBT tokens. If your total purchase does not equal the full token amount, vendors will either round up/down to the nearest dollar or supplement your order with additional produce to the nearest dollar amount.